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Posted on: May 1st, 2017

A bail bondman can help you or a loved one make bail

If you find yourself on the wrong side of the law a bail bondsman can help you get out of jail. All About Bail Bonds is a bail agency and on their bail bondmen can help you make bail in Conroe TX, Humble TX, Liberty TX, Pearland TX or Tomball TX.

If you are arrested and accused of an offence or crime, you may need to pay bail to secure your freedom whist awaiting trial. If you cannot make bail you will spend your time in jail awaiting trial. That can be a long time. You don’t want to do that and in most cases the legal and jail systems don’t want that either.

One way to make bail is to contract the services of a bail bondman. The bail bondman will contact the prison or jail in question and get the booking number related to the accused. The bail bondman will then advise about the costs and process for him to post a bail bond on behalf of the accused.

If a court determines that bail must be paid to secure the release of an accused, then the accused will either need to pay the bond in cash or provide acceptable collateral such as real estate.  In most cases it is easier and less challenging to use the services of a bail bondman.

The bail agency will charge a fee of around 10%. The bonding agency may also require collateral in the form real estate or other assets such as a vehicle, stocks, jewelry or some personal guarantee by a relative.  The bail bondman knows and understands the bail process and the red tape and can move quickly to post the required bail and secure the release of the accused pending trial.

Conroe-Humble-Liberty-Pearland-Tomball TX Bail Bondsman services from All About Bail Bonds are there when you need us most. Contact us for more details.


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