Bail in Houston, Humble, Pearland, Liberty, TX

Posted on: December 30th, 2015

A bail bondsman can arrange your bail when you can’t 

Bail has been around for centuries in some form or another. In fact bail is guaranteed by the 8th amendment of the constitution. In practice you may well need a bail bondsman to arrange and guarantee you bail. If you need to get out of jail in Conroe, Cypress, Greenspoint, Harris County, Houston, Humble, Katy, Kingwood, Liberty, Midtown, Pearland, Spring, Sugar land or Tomball, TX, then All About Bail Bonds can help.

As bail bond agents they know the legal processes and procedure involved in applying and posting bail. They also have the funds and resources to post bail and expedite your release or the release of a loved one from custody.

In order to obtain a bail bond you may need to provide some security. The bail bondsman will then go to work and post the required bail. The bail then acts as an incentive and financial guarantee that an accused will be present in court on the due date.

Without a system of bail many people will spend unnecessary and unjust time in jail. It would also mean that innocent people will have to spend time in jail. You have a right to freedom until you are convicted by a court judge or a jury of your peers. It is a basic concept of justice. However obtaining bail is not an automatic system. In most instances you will require the assistance of a bail bondsman.

The amount of bail required will be determined by a court and will depend on the nature and gravity of the offence. Another important factor a court when granting or denying bail is the flight risk of the accused. Even if there is a flight risk a court may still grant bail but will likely impose stricter conditions. For example an accused may be ordered to surrender his or her passport and report to authorities on set times and dates.


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