Bail bondsman in Tomball, Humble, Kingwood, Pearland, TX

Posted on: November 2nd, 2016

A bail bondsman can post your bail and facilitate pre-trial release

A bail bondsman is a person or agency that provides bail for defendants in order to facilitate pre-trial release and freedom. Because most people accused of an offense or a crime can’t afford the full bail they enlist the help of a bail bondsman. If you can’t make bail (come up with the bail money) in Liberty TX, Pearland TX, Sugar Land TX or Tomball TX, then All About Bail Bonds can help.

A bail bondsman will require a down payment and in certain cases some collateral for the bond. Bail is a form of security that a court will accept as a guarantee that an accused will return to face trial. Since the bail bondsman is putting up the money he will ask for a small fee (a percentage of the bail amount) and in some cases additional collateral. If an accused does not appear in court (skips bail) then the bond money will be forfeited and the bail bondsman will then call in the collateral and possibly use a bounty hunter to track down the accused.

There also different types of bonds such as surety bonds, federal bonds and immigration bonds. Surety bonds are the most common. Federal bonds are higher risk bonds and not that easy to get. Most bail bondsmen deal with surety bonds. They are state licensed to provide surety bonds for a wide variety of offenses that range from traffic citations to theft and even murder.

A bail bondsman has to assess the risk of issuing a surety bond. Depending on the perceived risk the bail bondsman may require surety in the form of real estate, valuable possession or co-signature of a 3rd person, such as a spouse, mother, father or family member.


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