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Posted on: February 4th, 2016

The 3 Types of Bail Bondsmen who will be Able to Make Your Bail

The accused should have sufficient amount of money or personal possessions to cover the bail cost so that he or she can post bail and wait for the trial at home. Friends and family in and around Harris County, Houston, Humble, Katy and Kingwood can also give the accused been charged with a crime with some of the mutual funds or post bail entirely. If the accused is unable to come up with bail money, he or she should require the help of any one of the following 3 types of bail bondsmen given below, who in exchange for bailing the accused out from prison charges a non-refundable fee for their services, at least 10% of the bail:

  1. Surety Bondsman- A surety bondsman is a bail agent of an insurance company that backs bail bonds including secured bonds, cash bonds, immigration bonds and unsecured or property bonds.
  2. Professional Bondsman– Only if the accused fails to come up with bail money, a professional bondsman is been hired to pay the court his bail cost from his money and/or personal possessions.
  3. Accommodation Bondsman- Just as professional bondsmen are responsible for making sure the accused appears in court, so is the accommodation bondsman and he may be a friend, family member to the accused who is financing the bond as a personal favor.

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