Bail Bondsman in Harris County, Houston, Liberty, Pearland, TX

Posted on: August 31st, 2015

Have you ever thought about what a bail bondsman is supposed to do? Find out more about the bail process in the article below


Not many of us can say they have, at some point, considered to become a bail bondsman. There are plenty of people who are not even sure about what a bail bondsman is actually supposed to do.

Commonly speaking, a bail bondsman is the person known as a bounty hunter. It is their duty to catch a fugitive and to bring them under the hand of justice. They are professionally trained to deal with all kinds of critical situations and how to negotiate. The work involved in this process can sometimes be dangerous, if the person doesn’t have the necessary skills to complete their assignment.

The bail bondsman has access to all the legal information regarding the fugitive as well as the possibility to check the fugitive’s personal computer and documents. Among other types of personal documents the bail bondsman has access to there are: records, credit reports, credit card usage, public records and also telephone records.

Waiting for the fugitive to show up at their home is what usually takes the most time, but it can definitely be efficient if done properly. The bail agent must not be seen by the fugitive or people related to them or that have helped them escape.

The biggest risk in this job is the money. If the fugitive does not get caught, the bail bondsman can also ask for the cosigner to put up property that is of equal or greater value to secure the bond. In this case, the consigner may lose his properties, if the person that has escaped still doesn’t show up or doesn’t get caught on time.

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