Bail Bonds in Harris County, Houston, and Conroe, TX

Posted on: May 6th, 2015

Bail bonds help level the playing fields between the rich and the poor

Bail bonds play an important role in the criminal justice system. If you are arrested you may need to post bail in order to stay out of prison pending the outcome of your trial. Bail bonds can help you post bail and retain your freedom until a court decides the matter. If you or a loved one needs bail money in Humble TX, Greenspoint TX, Houston, or Harris County, then you should contact   “All About Bail Bonds”.
When the state charges someone with a crime it is a serious matter. In most cases there is a waiting period before the trial actually starts. The trial itself can also last for a lengthy period. The question is what happens to the accused during the awaiting trial period and during the trial itself. Should we keep the accused behind bars during this time? What if the accused is innocent?  After all one is assumed innocent until proven guilty. That is a cornerstone of modern justice systems.  The answer lies in the bail system. The state will release an accused in exchange for money or property pending trial. The argument is that such money should be sufficient to ensure the accused will be present at his or her trial. However this bail system had serious flaws in that only the rich could afford to post bail.
In order to make bail accessible to the poor and even the m idle class the system of bail bonds came about. Bail bonds help to level the playing fields between the wealthy and the less wealthy and to make justice available to all.  Now as long as you or someone you know can post a small percentage of the bail the bail bondsmen will post the rest.

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