Bail Bond in Sugar land, Tomball, Pearland, Liberty, TX

Posted on: April 29th, 2016

Bail bonds are an integral part of the criminal justice system

A bail bond could be the difference between freedom and incarceration. When someone is arrested and charged with a crime certain processes come into play. Bail bonds are often a big part of the process. A bail bondsman can provide the court with security in the form of a bail bond in exchange for the freedom of the accused. If you need a bail bond in Conroe, Cypress, Greenspoint, Harris County, Houston, Humble, Katy, Kingwood, Liberty, Midtown, Pearland, Spring, Sugar land or Tomball, TX then All About Bail Bonds can help.

In order to secure freedom after an arrest an accused may need to provide some security that will satisfy the court that he or she will appear for trial on a set date. Now you as an accused might not have enough in terms of liquid funds to cover the bail. This is when a bail bondsman can help. Courts of law accept bail bonds as collateral for bail. This means a bail bondman can secure the release of an accused by posting a bail bond on behalf of the accused. In return the bail bondsman will collect a fee. The bail bond company may also require some type of security from the accused or relatives of the accused.

When an accused is granted bail as the result of a bail bond, the accused will be expected to appear in court on a set date. If the accused does not appear for trial or skips bail the bail bond will be sacrificed. This means the bail bond company will lose the money value of the bond. This will lead to new actions such as the employment of a bounty hunter to track down the accused. The bail bondman can then also call the security that was provided to secure the bail bond in the first place.



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