Bail Bond in Houston and Pearland, TX

Posted on: September 30th, 2015

Significant roles of a bail bond agent

We hear about bail daily when someone gets arrested for committing a crime. There have been many instances in Harris County, Houston, Humble, Liberty and Katy where the accused could not pay the whole amount of their bail. It is then when these defendants have arranged for their bail through a bail bond agent working with a bail bonding agency, who guarantees to pay the bail amount to the court if the accused fails to appear for trial. Also known as a bail bondsman, he works either independently or as a representative of the agency responsible for the bail of an individual, in exchange for fees and collateral, like- home and vehicle. He should not have any criminal records and must have the skills needed to execute bail bonds.At All About Bail Bonds, we strive to assist clients in determining the type of bail bond they need and guiding them through their unique bail bond process.

Responsibilities of bail bond agents:

  1. Finance:

Deposit all company money (cash collateral and premiums) collected on bonds into the assigned company bank account within a day.

  1. Administration:
  • Meet potential clients both in and outside the country and help them file out bail applications, make payments and execute paperwork as well as bail bonds.
  • Maintain accurate records of executed bail bonds.
  • Record all liens on collateral within a day of bail bonds
  • Need to carry a cell phone to respond to phone calls on time. Must be on call 24*7.
  • Ensure bail bond related paperwork is returned to the main office within 3 days of posting bail.
    1. Prevention of any loss:

If there is any deviation from the underwriting information provided by the office underwriter or any risks while executing the bail bond, immediately call the office and cease execution of the bail bond.

  1. Marketing:
  • Gather marketing statistical data from courts and jails in the surrounding areas.
  • Visit courts and prisons to inspect potential clients.
  • Track clients who fail to attend trials in the courts.
  • Attend public relation events if required.

Want to become a bail bondsman?  This post can be achieved successfully by passing a written exam.

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