Bail Bond in Conroe, Harris County, Humble, Liberty, Pearland and Surrounding Cities

Posted on: August 13th, 2017

A bail bond can help get an accused out of jail


A bail bond is a legal instrument that enables an accused to get bail and remain free pending trial. If you need a bail bond in Conroe TX, Harris County, Humble TX, Liberty TX, Pearland TX or Sugar Land TX, then All About Bail Bonds can help.

The legal and justice system does not want to put or keep people in jail unless there is a good reason. It is also a strong principle in law that a person is innocent until proven guilty. So, when someone is arrested it not necessary a fact that the person is guilty.  Whether guilty or not the accused has the right to ask for bail. In most cases a court will grant bail. This means the accused or someone else must provide a financial security to the court that will help ensure the accused returns to face trial. Should the accused not have the amount of bail in cash, he or she could approach a bail bondsman with the purpose of obtaining a bail bond.

Courts and prison systems accept bail bonds as financial security. A bail bond is issues by a bail bond company and guarantees the bail of the accused. Should the accused not return for trial the bail bond agency will honor the bond and pay the bail to the court. The bail bond agency will then have recourse against the accused as well as anyone else who provided security for the bond.

If you are an accused and in jail you can make bail even if you don’t have the bail money. As long as a family member or someone else is prepared to provide some security for the bond, you can obtain a bail bond and your freedom.

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