Bail in Harris County, Humble, Liberty and Houston, TX

Posted on: October 31st, 2015

Types of Bail Bond Services

A bail bond is a legal contract between the court, the defendant and the bail bondsman, in which it is stated that the accused can be released from custody, on condition that the bail bond agent makes sure of his or her presence at every court date.

If the agent cannot find and bring the defendant to court, he can face serious problems, most importantly financial ones, as he is the one to pay the entire amount of money. Working in this field can be pretty tough but not all types of bail bond services imply the same work.

Types of bonds

There are many kinds of bail bonds but the most important ones are:

  1. Unsecured bond

The defendant is held responsible if he/she does not appear before the court at a specified date, being forced to pay the agreed bail bond amount.

  1. Cash bond

Cash bond is a certain amount of money that the defendant pays to the court. Any person has the right to post cash bail on behalf of the defendant. This money gets returned at the end of the trial, unless the defendant refuses to show up when they are supposed to.

  1. Property bond

Property bond is also called secured bond, because it implies real property, assured by the defendant. The court can foreclose on the property, if the defendant does not show up before the court. In most of the cases the property has to represent at least twice the value of the bail bond.

These are the most common types of bail bonds, but in order to find out more about the conditions in which they can be applied, people can talk to professionals at various companiesĀ in Harris County, Humble, Liberty and Houston, TX.

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