Bail Bondsman in Sugarland and Pearland TX

Posted on: April 30th, 2015

A bail bond serves to guarantee the appearance of accused at trial

If you or a loved one needs to get out of jail fast you may have to post bail and that is where a bail bond can help. If you need a bail bond in Conroe, Cypress, Greenspoint, Harris County, Houston, Humble, Katy, Kingwood, Liberty, Midtown, Pearland, Spring, Sugarland or Tomball TX, then yoi should get in touch with All About Bail Bonds.

So how does a bail bond work? First let briefly discuss the concept of bail. Bail is a system in law that is designed to allow an accused to remain free pending trial while at the same time ensuring the accused stands trial. If you are arrested for a felony or a crime you will be booked and incarcerated in county jail or local police station lock-up. Not a nice experience. Fortunately the system of bail offers you a number of options for release and temporary freedom.

Now for minor misdemeanours you could be released on own recognizance but for more serious offences you will need to post bail either in cash or by way of a surety bond a.k.a. a bail bond. A bail bondsman can arrange a surety bond for you. You see a bail bondsman works with insurance companies that have the assets to guarantee the face value of the bond. So if an accused skips bail, the bail agent will have to pay the money value of the bond to the state or court.

A bail bondsman will provide this service at a fee. This fee or premium is usually around 10% of the bail amount. The bail bondsman will also get certain collateral and guarantees from family members of the accused, which will make it less likely that the accused will skip bail. In this way a bail bond serves to guarantee the appearance of an accused at his or her trial.


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