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Posted on: October 7th, 2015

Bail conditions which may be considered by the Justice of the peace

A bail application or judicial interim release can be filed when an accused has been arrested on the charges of a criminal offence. While making presence felt for the first time in the court, the duty solicitor will apply for bail on the behalf of the accused. There have been cases in Harris County, Houston, Humble, Kingwood and Katy where the accused himself has arranged for release through a bail bondsman, who guarantees to pay the bail amount to the court if he fails to appear for trial. The accused may be released once having signed a form and promising to attend court on the date given by the police. If granted bail but breached any condition of the bail, the person can be arrested again and the bail will then be cancelled. If anyone needs general legal assistance call us at All About Bail Bonds for advice.
Supposedly, if the accused or suspect does not get out even after applying for a bail; he can seek a review in the higher court and this is called bail review. Bail conditions are in place until the case comes to an end, either by a trial or by some other methods. This may take many months or even years. Such conditions could include:

  • The accused must not possess any weapons or firearms
  • The accused must surrender their passport to the police.
  • The accused should report to the bail supervisor on a daily basis
  • The accused should not contact with the alleged victim
  • One or more sureties to ensure that the accusedattends court when supposed to as well as that he follows the conditions of his bail
  • The accused should stay away from alcohol and drugs which have not been prescribed by a doctor.
  • The accused must not drive their motor vehicle, instead use the public transport.
  • Paying money to the Court of Law to make sure that the accused attend the trial
  • The accused must not leave town
  • The imposition of a curfew, whereby the accused must be inside the house between specific hours.

To change a bail condition, the accused needs to speak to his lawyer.



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